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Fleet Management Driving App & Design System

My Roles

• UI/UX Design
• Design System


• Figma
• Photoshop

Project Background

Nauvus is a startup in the fleet management space. The owner wanted to be “the Tesla of fleet management” and wanted his apps to have “that Apple feel.”

The Problem

The client’s goal was to have 15-inch tablets inside of company fleet vehicles that connect to the car’s diagnostics to give the driver a clean, quick look at all the info he or she needed. In addition, the tablet would give the driver access to all the company’s fleet information, such as documents, routes, reports, and much more.

My Solution


Discovery included two hours worth of video calls with the founder and a few hours of research into the fleet management industry and Nauvus’ competitors. The client was also great about supplying organized content and outlines.


Given the client’s vision of being the “Tesla” of fleet management and my conversations with him, I had a general idea of how the app would look and feel. But just to be sure, I started sketching it out. After a few iterations, I settled on this for the home screen:


During the design process, I also created interactions to give the app a smooth feel and to show developers how they should work. Here's an example:

Design System

With the designs approved, the client asked me to create a design system for the whole startup for application to other products, like the driver’s mobile app (which I designed) and website. To create the design system, I used Atomic Design principles. Here are a few screenshots from it (click for larger version):

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